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Swimming Pool Pump Regulation Changes In 2022

Most pool owners know about the regulations surrounding their pool, from where they can dig to where they can place it to securing it with a fence. There’s a change that you might not be aware of unless you’re installing a new pool or replacing parts. A new regulation has been issued by the Department of Energy (DoE) for pool pumps. What does this mean, and how will it affect you?

2022 Regulations for Pool Pumps

As of summer, 2022, all new or replacement in-ground pool filters will be required to have variable speed pumps. As of July 19, 2022, these regulations will be in effect. All new pumps built or replaced after that point must have variable speed motors.

Variable speed pool pumps: what are they?

A variable speed pool pump does exactly what its name suggests. The pumps perform the same functions as regular pool pumps, but they can be adjusted to work at different speeds. With them, the operator can control how much electricity the pump uses, just like with a fixed speed pump. Pumping power increases with electricity, which means speed increases as well.

There is nothing new about these pumps. Since about 20 years ago, they have been around. Their popularity skyrocketed after they were released. There is no need for most pool pumps to run at max speed all the time – this will cause the pump to wear out more quickly, place more strain on the filter, and require you to replace filter media sooner. A variable speed filter solves this problem by allowing pool owners to adjust the pump’s power as needed.