Chemical-Free Pool Cleaning Methods for a Healthier Pool

Maintain Your Pool’s Sparkle the Eco-Friendly Way Why Choose Chemical-Free Pool Cleaning? Chemical-free pool cleaning methods are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to maintaining a sparkling and inviting swimming pool. Pool owners are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of traditional pool chemicals, such as chlorine and algaecides. Not only can these chemicals […]

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Pool Equipment in Harris County

Expert Tips from Clear Katy Pools Regular Cleaning and Maintenance Proper maintenance is the key to extending the lifespan of your pool equipment. Your pool equipment works hard year-round in Harris County’s hot and humid climate. Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance with Clear Katy Pools to keep it running smoothly. Our experienced technicians can identify […]

Pool Closing Checklist for the Winter Season in Harris County

Ensure Your Pool’s Winter Safety with Clear Katy Pools Why Winterizing Your Pool Is Essential As the temperatures drop in Harris County and winter approaches, preparing your pool for the colder months is crucial. Winterizing your pool not only helps protect it from freezing temperatures but also saves you time and money on maintenance come […]

The Environmental Impact of Pool Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Solutions by Clear Katy Pools Understanding the Impact When it comes to pool maintenance, many homeowners don’t consider the environmental consequences. However, the chemicals, water usage, and energy required for pool cleaning can significantly impact the environment. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the environmental aspects of pool cleaning and explore how Clear […]

Pool Filtration Systems: Types and Maintenance Best Practices

Children's and adults legs underwater in the swimming pool

Your Ultimate Handbook, Curated by Clear Katy Pools The Vital Role of Pool Filtration A pool is more than just a luxury; it’s a responsibility. Ensuring crystal clear waters is not merely for aesthetics but more importantly, health and safety. The essence of pristine waters lies in an efficient filtration system. It plays a crucial […]

The Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance: Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe

man cleaning pool with pool net

Why Regular Pool Maintenance is a Must for Every Pool Owner Understanding the Need for Regular Pool Maintenance Owning a pool is a delightful luxury that can turn any sunny day into a vacation-like experience. However, like any other valuable asset, it has its fair share of responsibilities. One of the foremost responsibilities is the […]

Common Pool Problems and Solutions: Troubleshooting Guide by Clear Katy Pools

Pool Vacuuming

Your One-Stop Resource for Professional Pool Services and Advice Understanding the Basics: An In-Depth Look at Common Pool Problems Every pool owner, whether a novice or experienced, encounters a variety of pool-related issues at some point. These problems can range from simple ones like imbalanced chemicals to more complex issues like leaking and pump malfunction. […]

The Importance of Regular Pool Filter Cleaning: An Expert Guide by Clear Katy Pools

dirty and clean pool filter cartridges next to each other

Maintaining Your Pool’s Health and Longevity through Timely Filter Cleaning Unraveling the Crucial Role of Pool Filters in Maintaining Water Cleanliness and Clarity Pool filters play an integral role in maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of your swimming pool. They help remove impurities such as dirt, leaves, and even bacteria, keeping your pool water safe […]