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There are few things that many homeowners desire more than a swimming pool. Think back to when you were a child. Did you have a pool in your backyard? If so, do you have memories of pool parties with friends and late-night swims with your family? If you didn’t have a pool, did you often wish that you could have one? Or did you run to a friend’s house on a hot summer day to go swimming in theirs?

Now that you have your own home, you may want to hire a pool company to add a swimming pool to your home. It may feel like a dream come true. However, there is a lot more to pool maintenance than you may initially think. You need to check the pH levels, maintain the proper amount of chemicals, clean the filter, scrub the walls and floor, and more. And if you don’t keep up with frequent filter cleaning and checking on your pool equipment, you may find yourself needing a pool repair.

The Necessity of Pool Upkeep

However, you may wonder how necessary pool repair is. You can just throw some acid wash in gunite swimming pools, check the pool plaster, and drain the pool water, right? If you let your pool maintenance fall by the wayside, you may come across many issues.

There’s a reason why you need a sand filter for your concrete swimming pool. Along with pool filters, other pool equipment, such as a pool cover, can keep your swimming pool safe. If you don’t keep your pool clean, you may find unwanted pests making a home out of your pool. Bugs and small animals can enter the water, while algae can form if you don’t clean it. This can mess with the pH balance of your water, making it unsafe to swim. As well, no one wants to swim with rodents or bugs in the water. So if you want to enjoy your investment, you need to keep it clean.

Plus, taking care of your pool and performing pool resurfacing when needed will increase its longevity. No one wants to buy concrete swimming pools only to have them last a year or two. As long as you take care of your pool, you can make it last for many years. Pools are large investments, so you want to make yours last as long as possible. When you need a professional cleaning for your swimming pool, call us

What to Do When You Spot a Leak in Your Pool

Unfortunately, you may find yourself needing a pool repair even if you properly maintain it. No matter how often you call a pool cleaner or if you’ve had a pool resurfacing, surprises may pop up. There are some key issues to keep an eye out for, though. When you see them, ensure you call your pool installers for a repair.

One of the most common issues that may appear with your pool is a pool leak. No one wants to deal with a pool crack in their wall, but it’s essential to repair the crack if you notice it. Thoroughly check your pool plaster or pool finish for any cracks.

Another way to check for a pool leak is to keep an eye on pool surfaces. Does it look like you have less water in your pool than you should? You may have a crack in your wall or floor of the pool. Also, you may need plumbing repairs if something keeps your pool from filling properly.

Clear Katy Pools Can Fix Your Pool For You!

A broken water heater is also common. Many people would rather jump into a heated pool than a cold one, even during the summer. So if you have a heated pool, you may find yourself shocked by freezing water. Call us if you need your water heater fixed.

Nowadays, many pools have lights inside. They’re perfect if you want to have a late-night dip in the pool, surrounded by the stars and the illuminated water. However, a broken pool light can be dangerous. You never want to combine exposed electricity with water, so keep an eye on your pool light if you have one.

Whenever you notice issues with your pool, you should always call a professional. While you can clean your pool independently, there are some aspects you should leave up to the pros. Pool maintenance is easy enough for you to do, but more hefty repairs require a more experienced set of eyes. You must call a professional if you need someone to fix a crack, clean very dirty water, fix a light, and more.

Also, hiring us will save you a lot of time. If you have neglected your pool maintenance for a while, it will take a long time for you to bring your pool back to its original standards. Plus, you don’t have to do any research yourself when you hire a professional. Unless you have extensively studied how to repair pools, you may make a mistake.

Unfortunately, mistakes may cost you more money than it would have cost to hire us to repair your pool. Many people decide to do everything themselves so that it will cost them less money, but it can cost more in the long run. Therefore, you need to call us instead of doing everything yourself. We can finish the job faster and save you money by doing the job right.

So many people have dreamed of owning a pool, so call pool installers if you haven’t yet already. However, you need to take care of your pool if you want to enjoy it. No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, and you can’t use it if there isn’t enough water. Therefore, call us when you need your pool repaired.

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