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If you have a pool at home, it isn’t always fun. The maintenance of the swimming pool may become daunting and time-consuming. A pool can quickly become unusable after only a few days. The homeowner’s worst nightmare is coming home to a swimming pool full of green water. Call Clear Katy Pools if you’re tired of messing around with your pool maintenance. Gunite is a popular, long-lasting, and versatile material used at the bottom surface of the swimming pool. A uniform layer of gunite is placed on the pool’s foundation, and upon damage it needs maintenance. Hiring Clear Katy Pools is preferable if you need gunite pool repair service near me in Harris County, TX. Numerous homeowners have hired our pool repair service near me for their swimming pool repair needs.

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Top-Notch Pool Maintenance & Upkeep Services

A pool is an incredible way to maximize your backyard space. However, pools need a lot of care and attention. A lot of effort is needed to maintain a swimming pool. There are many factors to consider, like maintaining chlorine levels, resurfacing every few years, and more.


If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your pool clean throughout the year, look no further than Clear Katy Pools Cleaning Service. We will relieve you from the responsibility of pool maintenance. We have numerous services to keep your pool in good condition. Get in touch with us right now for a free, no-risk estimate.

The same goes with your swimming pool. You need to add many different chemicals to keep your pool water clean. You can imagine that these chemicals are the soap you use on your hands. However, you still need to clean the sides of your sink weekly. You need to clean the pool plaster on your swimming pool. The pool surfaces you choose for your swimming pool may change how often you need to hire a pool cleaner or how extensively you need to clean it. Above all, ensure you vacuum the floor and scrub the walls at least weekly. If you have noticed a leak, the best time to investigate is when scrubbing the walls. Taking the time to care for your pool’s walls can help you find any cracks in the pool finish.

Hire Us For Pool Crack Repair

Your pool’s structure is vulnerable to soil shifting, flooding, and cold temperatures. Have you noticed any water leaking from your swimming pool? Let us assist in prioritizing your pool repair tasks near me by evaluating the severity of leakages.

Clear Katy Pools can advise you on identifying the source of the damage if you notice a leakage in your pool. Our pool services staff takes all the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

You can have your swimming pool up and running with one phone call. We want you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool without any hassles.

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Importance of a Clean Pool

Imagine a season in which you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your pool. Hiring professionals from Clear Katy Pools ensures that your dream pool is always well-maintained.  We provide the following pool services as part of our pool maintenance package:    

Inspecting the pool’s machinery.

Removing leaves and other debris.

Cleaning the pool floor with a vacuum.

Skimming debris and other organic matter from the surface.

Scrubbing the wall and bottom of the pool.

Cleaning the filter to maintain pressure and restore the flow rate.

Refilling chlorine packs as needed.

Measuring salt levels.

Reporting all the work and chemical usage in writing.

Clear Katy Pools is a top choice if you are looking for a pool cleaning and maintenance company in Harris County, TX. We are a highly trained pool repair team near me. We are happy to assist you with pool maintenance. Inquire about our weekly, biweekly, & monthly pool service plans, or call us today to schedule an appointment!

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