Why Choose Us?

Clear Katy Pools logo on a wide shot of a waterfall and pool

Why Choose Clear Katy Pools?

We strive to provide the highest quality pool care in all of Houston.  Find out about several things at separates Clear Katy Pools from all the others:

No Contracts

Some pool companies try to lock you into a long-term contract. We never do that. You are free to come and go as you need.

End of the Month Billing

It is common practice in the pool care industries to collect payment before servicing a pool for the month. Too many people have stories of pool companies taking their money and then never showing up to do the work. We always bill at the end of the month. You get to see the work’s month before you have to pay for it.

Predictable Billing

Our monthly service fee never varies. We bill by the month, not the visit. You will get the same service bill from us each month. That makes budgeting much easier.

Electronic Payments

Our standard practice is to send out our monthly invoices by email (Paper invoices are available upon request). This give you the option to pay online through Intuit’s (the parent company of Quickbooks) secure merchant services. We can also set-up an automatic payment plan that meets your needs.

E-Service Tickets

On each visit our service technicians will email you a service report that provides you all the details of their stop. Additionally, we keep track of every service stop we make through an app-based system. That allows us to maintain an ongoing log of everything that has been done to your pool. If you ever have a question about your service history, we have an answer for you.

Personal Contact

No matter how large our company grows, our owner will always be available to our customers. All of our customers are given William’s personal cell phone number.  If you ever have a question about your service that our staff cannot answer, you can speak directly with our owner to get the answer you need.