Pool Cleaning

During a hot summer day, nothing is more satisfying than dipping your feet in a cool swimming pool. That’s why so many people save up and splurge to have gunite swimming pools added to their backyards. Having a pool in your yard is great; you don’t have to travel to find relief on a hot day. All you have to do is open your back door, drape a towel over the back of a chair, and hop in your pool. Whether you want to practice your swimming skills or float around and relax, you can do it in the comfort of your backyard.

Plus, having a swimming pool in your backyard turns your home into a gathering place for your friends and family. Everyone will want to come to your home on a hot day, allowing you to form greater relationships with the people close to you. Also, nothing beats the fun you can have by playing pool games. You can always be the place for parties during the summer since a pool party is one of the best party themes.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Pool

While so many people long to have a swimming pool, not as many people consider the issues that can come with having one. From plumbing repairs to a pool leak to needing to hire a pool cleaner, a lot of responsibility comes with becoming a pool owner. You can just throw in some pool acid wash, clean the pool filters once a year, and move on. You need more thorough maintenance than that.

Why is pool cleaning important? If you don’t tend to your pool water, you may find some unpleasant things turning it into their home. Algae can form when you don’t clean your pool often enough, and pests, such as small animals and bugs, will find a home in it. Once you reach this point, you will need a pool company to fix the issue. While you should hire a pool company to perform pool maintenance occasionally, waiting until this point will cost you a lot more money.

Plus, taking care of your pool and performing pool resurfacing when needed will increase its longevity. No one wants to buy concrete swimming pools only to have them last a year or two. As long as you take care of your pool, you can make it last for many years. Pools are large investments, so you want to make yours last as long as possible. When you need a professional cleaning for your swimming pool, call us

Using the Right Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment

We will do several things during your pool cleaning to keep your pool water sparkling and clean. For one, we will vacuum and brush the floors and walls. The brush will remove any dirt, grime, or algae from the pool plaster. Then, we will vacuum the pool to remove any excess dirt and algae.

Next, we will check your pH levels. This is a pool cleaning task you can, and should, do at home. You need the proper pool equipment on hand to keep tabs on how many chemicals you add to the pool. You need to expose your swimming pool to many different chemicals, and too much or too little can make your swimming experience unpleasant. You should check your pH levels to keep your pool in good shape.

Essentials In Cleaning Your Pool

We will also check on your pool’s water level. If you have to consistently refill your pool’s water, you may have an issue that has gone unnoticed. For example, you may have a pool crack in the liner that lets the water out. Refilling your pool can mess with the chemical balance and cost a lot in the long run, so you need to call us if you have issues maintaining your water level.

Finally, the last thing we will do is check your pool equipment. Besides pH testing kits and chemicals, you may need other types of essential pool equipment. One of the most important is pool filters, such as a sand filter. You need to have a filter cleaning done regularly to ensure that pool surfaces remain sparkling and clean.

Another essential piece of pool equipment that you will need to keep tabs on is the pool cover. Having a cover that protects your pool will keep animals from making a home in your water. Also, it will keep unwanted items, like leaves, from entering the water. 

You can do many of these pool cleaning tasks on your own, and you should. You can purchase a pool vacuum and clean the floor and walls of your pool. However, you should also call us to keep your pool clean and safe. We are the experts in pool cleaning, so we can find any hidden issues and repair them immediately. Swimming pools are fun, but they aren’t enjoyable if you can’t swim in them. Since they are such large investments, you need to perform the proper pool maintenance to keep your pool worth it.

Many pool installers may not tell you the importance of pool cleaning, so that’s why we’re here. You can’t just throw some shock in your pool and move along. You take on a lot of responsibility when you purchase your first pool, so ensure you’re ready for it.

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